BS in Accounting

First Aid/ CPR trained and certified

Sulay was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, she is married and has two beautiful kids. When she moved to Memphis due to her husband's illness and the lack of medicines for chemotherapy, Sulay began taking care of children from her home to help pay the bills. She found a passion for what she was doing and after a year of doing so she decided she wanted to get a more stable job and she joined Mi Escuelita as a assistant teacher. Sulay has demonstrated a huge love for children, she loves teaching them, hugging them and singing with them. As soon as you walk through the door you will be welcomed by her voice singing nursery rhymes to her babies. 

Pre-K Teacher

First Aid/ CPR trained and certified

​Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, youngest of 6 children moved to Memphis to be closer to family, Marisanta has been working in preschool/daycare environments all her life as her mother is the director of multiple centers in Venezuela. 


​BA in Education and Language Arts

MS in Mother Languages

​CPR/First Aid
I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and moved to Mexico two years ago. This year my husband, parents and I decided to move to Memphis to be closer to my siblings. I graduated from University of Sulia in mother languages and was a preschool teacher for 10 years, when I moved to Mexico I was a elementary school teacher for 2 years. I enjoy doing arts and crafts with the little ones, teaching them Spanish nursery rhymes, games, singing and dancing with them. I love seeing them develop physically, emotionally, educationally and in every aspect. 

Diana Ramirez

BS in Family Dentistry

First Aid/ CPR trained and certified

​Diana was born in Colombia but moved to Venezuela at an early age. Diana went to school for dentistry and worked with children during her whole career but when things got hard in Venezuela her husband and her decided to take a leap of faith and move to Memphis to find a better future. Diana volunteered as a teacher for under privileged children in Venezuela and has a true passion for working with kids. Diana started working in Mi Escuelita as a floater and quickly showed her passion for learning and working with children and has moved up to being a lead teacher in the infant room.

Infant 1 Teachers

Toddler 1 Teachers

Toddler 2 Teacher

Diana Sanchez

First Aid/ CPR trained and certified

Born in Venezuela, Diana moved to Memphis to be closer to her sister and father. While in Venezuela she was in charge of the youth at her church where she served as a teacher and organized their activities and events. 


First Aid/ CPR trained and certified

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in Maracaibo, Marianna is the oldest of 3 siblings and mother of 3 beautiful children. Marianna moved to Memphis to be closer to her brothers and to offer a better quality of life to her children due to the insecurity that Venezuela is living today. Marianna's step father is the owner of various preschools and elementary schools in Venezuela where she worked for many years. Marianna began working at Mi Escuelita as a floater in the infant area, she then moved to be the assistant teacher for Toddler 2 and PreK. She enjoys working with every age but is very happy to be back to her babies and now in a more permanent position. 

​​CPR/First Aid BS in PR & Teaching licensure

I was born in Maracaibo Venezuela, I enjoyed working with young children because they are very creative and they are usually happy and full of energy and ideas. I love teaching them because they are always learning new stuff. In Venezuela I worked in customer service and as assistant in a preschool with children 1 year old to 3 years old. I moved to Memphis to be with my husband. 

Infant 2 Teachers


Camila  B.S M.S

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but came to the US in 7th grade, I graduated from Cordova High School and received my Bachelors degree of Science in Psychology and Education from Crichton College. I lived in Madrid, Spain as an exchange student for a semester and shortly after married my best friend with whom I have the two most beautiful boys ever. I received my Masters of Science in Professional Counseling and truly enjoy counseling. However God has called me to work with children and that is what I have been doing for the past 15 years. I started with a small in home daycare which kept growing and after much prayer, God opened the doors for us to start our own daycare center. 

CPR/First Aid trained & certified. 

​ACA Member​  


First Aid/ CPR trained and certified

Better known as Yaya, was born in Mexico and moved to Memphis when she was 5 years old. She graduated from Collegiate School of Memphis and started working at Mi Escuelita as a teacher with the infants. Yaya left for a year and came back to fulfill her dream of working with children. While she wasnt at Mi Escuelita Yaya was working at Pleasant View School as an aftercare supervisor. She was in charge of clubs and aftercare activities for the kids in PreK through Middle School. Yaya is waiting to begin school to be an Elementary School teacher. 


CPR/First Aid BS in progress 

​Hi my name I'm Clarisa, I was born in Memphis Tennessee but my family is from Mexico. I lived part of my life in Mexico where I call home. I am currently enrolled at the university of Memphis majoring in education. When I finish school I want to work with at risk youth. I like to do mentoring and volunteer work. I enjoy new places in my city biking, eating, concerts, basketball games but the one thing I do for fun is playing a good soccer game with good company. Why do I love working with kids? my answer is why not? They are amazing little human beings. I love it because they motivate me to be a better person and a smile on their face is the best reward of the day.