Our Preschool teachers work hard to provide your children an exceptional education. They have all graduated with a bachelors in Education or are currently enrolled in local universities pursuing a career in education. They also have many years of experience working with children, are CPR/First Aid trained and certified and go through hours of training through CCRR. 

Extracurricular Staff are those who are contracted to help with activities offered throughout the week such as soccer, ballet, music, karate and more. We carefully look for professionals who can bring fun activities to your children so that you don't have to get off work late and run to different activities. 

Our daycare teachers are very dedicated to learn and trained to be the best caregivers for your children. They go through 8 hours of in service training and 12 hours of CE training yearly plus child abuse, CPR, first aid, safety practices, SIDS, and more training before being hired. They have at least a high school diploma but in most cases they are currently enrolled in college and they bring many years of experience. 

Our floaters are here to help in every room, during the busiest hours of the day, Whether that is changing diapers, helping during special activities or serving lunch. Our floaters also work as substitutes while other teachers are absent so that your child doesn't have to come in to a stranger taking care of them.